Donations can be received with a scheduled Thursday appointment. Please call the store, 919-217-9001 and inquire for the next available Thursday to bring your inventory.

Dream Coat has always been very conscientious of the inventory that we offer to sell to the public and give away to families in need. In this time of the pandemic, we have been handicapped with ample number of volunteers to do all the work required for our store. If you have a couple of hours during the week and would be willing to volunteer in the store, we would gladly accept your gift of time.

We appreciate your volunteerism and insure that all donations are disinfected, washed and clean before donating. Clothing has to be freshly laundered within 7 days of donating to bring in the store.

2 thoughts on “Donations by Appointment Only

    1. Christi, thank you for interest in donating to Dream Coat. Please call the store 919-217-2001 to make a donation appointment


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